Grantee Spotlight: Guatemala

The National Endowment for Democracy proudly presents Guatemala: A Grantee Spotlight, a brief video exploring the work of several NED grantees in that country. Though Guatemala has for years been plagued by government corruption and widespread violence, there is an uplifting story in the unprecedented mobilization of its people to take action against corruption, including Asociación Civil Foro de Justicia Ambiental de Petén, Acción Ciudadana, and Jóvenes Contra la Violencia Guatemala, all profiled in this video.


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Grantee Spotlight

Asociación Civil Foro de Justicia Ambiental de PeténEnvironmental Justice Forum of Petén (FJA)
Acción CiudadanaGuatemalan chapter of Transparency International
Jóvenes Contra la Violencia GuatemalaYouth against Violence Guatemala



NED Programs in Guatemala

To support Guatemala’s citizens in building a strong, lawful and peaceful future, NED has focused on three key strategic objectives: strengthening civil society groups who advocate for political, electoral and judicial reform; fostering greater citizen oversight of institutions and engaging diverse stakeholders to combat corruption; and empowering citizens to help address insecurity and impunity that has long threatened democratic governance.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, citizens spent 2017 preparing for intense electoral processes in the region while simultaneously assisting in uncovering widespread corruption-related scandals and confronting the hemispheric and global implications of a heightened crisis in Venezuela. All the while, National Endowment for Democracy-supported partners worked to stymie corruption & promote reforms.

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