A message of solidarity during the COVID-19 crisis from NED president Carl Gershman

At this time of unprecedented crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic – including medical emergencies, social isolation, economic recession, and rising autocratic assertiveness – the NED wants to assure all of its grantees, partners, and friends that it is open, working, and adapting to the new challenges we face.  NED fully understands the tremendous human, social, economic, and political costs of this terrible new period, which have made the challenging environments in which so many of you work that much more difficult.  But with the full understanding and support of our board (which met virtually just last Friday ), we are redoubling our efforts to be as flexible as possible and to remain maximally responsive to the new needs.  No one should hesitate to share with us ideas on how we can be more helpful and effective in the assistance and cooperation that we provide.  This crisis will end, and it is our hope that the devoted democracy activists we support will not just survive the present difficulties, but emerge from this period with renewed energy, resilience, and capacity for innovation.  My very best wishes for your good health and safety.

With undiminished solidarity,


Carl Gershman