Journal of Democracy April 2020 Issue: How to Beat a Populist

Malfeasance and misrule in China: What has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed? How to beat a populist: Lessons for how opposition parties can defeat populism at the ballot box. Plus: For a limited time, access the journal of democracy”s full archive free of charge.

In the April issue: Tsinghua University professor Xu Zhangrun offers a stinging indictment of China’s authoritarian system and its handling of COVID-19. “The storied bureaucratic apparatus that is responsible for the unfettered outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan,” Xu writes, “repeatedly hid or misrepresented the facts…. Their behavior has reflected their complete lack of interest in the welfare and the lives of normal people.”

The pushback against populism: In a special package, JoD contributors review the records and reflect on the prospects of opposition parties as they confront governing populists:

Also in this issue: