NED Supports Press Freedom Around the World

World Press Freedom Day is observed by the international community every year on May 3. The day serves as a reminder for policymakers of the critical need to respect independent media.

NED is dedicated to fostering the growth of a wide range of democratic institutions abroad, including political parties, trade unions, free markets and business organizations, as well as the many elements of a vibrant civil society that ensure human rights, independent media, and the rule of law. We are proud to stand with partners around the world who are working to safeguard the right to freedom of information.

NED’s Center for International Media Assistance

NED established the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) in 2006 to strengthen the support, raise the visibility, and improve the effectiveness of media assistance programs throughout the world.

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Watch: Media Reform During Political Openings

CIMA hosted a discussion on important lessons about what works and doesn’t work during democratic transitions.

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Building Knowledge to Support Independent Media

About CIMA