Staff Resources

Carl Gershman

President  :: BIO
Areas of Expertise: Democracy Assistance – Global; International Democratic Cooperation

Larry Diamond

Senior Advisor, International Forum; Coeditor, Journal of Democracy :: BIO  

Nadia M. Diuk

Vice President, Programs – Africa, Central Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and Caribbean :: BIO
Areas of Expertise: Ukraine, Russia, states of the former Soviet Union
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian 

Louisa Greve

Vice President, Programs – Asia, Middle East & North Africa, and Global  :: BIO
Areas of Expertise: East Asia, China
Languages: Chinese

Barbara Haig

Deputy to the President for Policy and Strategy :: BIO
Area of Expertise: Democracy Assistance - Global

Brian Joseph

Senior Director, Asia and Global :: BIO
Areas of Expertise: Burma, Pakistan, South Asia

Miriam Kornblith

Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Areas of Expertise: Latin America, Venezuela
Languages: Spanish

Laith Kubba

Senior Director, Middle East and North Africa
Areas of Expertise: Middle East, Iraq, Islam and Democracy
Languages: Arabic, French

David E. Lowe

Vice President, Government & External Relations :: BIO

Dave Peterson

Senior Director, Africa :: BIO
Areas of Expertise: Sub-Sahara Africa  

Marc F. Plattner

Vice President, Research & Studies :: BIO
Codirector, International Forum; Coeditor, Journal of Democracy
Languages: French

Rodger Potocki

Director, Europe & Eurasia
Areas of Expertise: Eastern Europe, Cross-border Democracy Assistance
Languages: Polish, Russian

Mark Nelson

Senior Director, Center for International Media Assistance
Areas of Expertise: International Media Assistance, Independent Media, Press Freedom

To contact a staff expert, or for more information on NED programs, events and publications, please contact:

Jane Riley Jacobsen,
Director, Public Affairs