International Forum for Democratic Studies September 2020 Newsletter

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September 2020

Artificial intelligence and democratic norms: meeting the authoritarian challenge

The International Forum for Democratic Studies released a new report entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Norms: Meeting the Authoritarian Challenge” by Nicholas Wright. The report explores how to establish democratically accountable rules and norms that harness the benefits of artificial intelligence-related technologies, without infringing on fundamental rights and creating technological affordances that could facilitate authoritarian concentration of power.

The report is the fourth in the in the “Sharp Power and Democratic Resilience” series, which systematically analyzes the ways in which leading authoritarian regimes manipulate, distort, and shape the political landscape and censor independent expression within open societies.

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“Digital authoritarian competitors stand ready to exploit a lack of foresight in democracies and manipulate the development of global surveillance to serve their own interests.”


Power 3.0: “Golden Passports: A Ticket to Transnational Kleptocracy

“Golden passport” schemes, or citizenship-by-investment strategies, are used by kleptocrats and other corrupt actors to evade sanctions, avoid transnational investigations, and launder their reputations, writes Casey Michel in a Power 3.0 blog post entitled “Golden Passports: A Ticket to Transnational Kleptocracy.”

Power 3.0 Podcast: “The Changing Global Media Landscape: Part II

In “The Changing Global Media Landscape: Part II,” Claire Wardle surveys how the spread of mis- and disinformation has disrupted the global media space and offers suggestions for how digital platforms and civil society organizations can respond while preserving free expression and democratic institutions.

Accepting Applications: 2021-2022 Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program 

The Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program invites applications for fellowships in 2021-2022. Dedicated to international exchange, the program enables democracy scholars and practitioners to conduct independent projects while in residence in Washington, D.C. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2020.

Forum Q&A: The Evolving
Field of Disinformation Research

Following disinformation’s role in high-profile elections and other political processes around the world, observers worry about how it may be employed in future related contexts. In a Q&A on “The Evolving Field of Disinformation Research,” Kelly Born considers the changing landscape of disinformation research and offers a path forward.

 “What we need today is to better understand the impact that this content is having, especially on disadvantaged communities, and how the platforms themselves—above and beyond what individual users are posting—might be driving audiences to that problematic content.”




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